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Hello and welcome to FlyerTutor.com.

My name is Renee Liverpool, and I am the creator and designer of the FlyerTutor website. I'm a mom who's experienced in Graphic Design and Website Design. I've worked in both fields for over 10 years and I've loved every minute of it. It's always nice to envision something and be able to transfer it to paper or screen as the case may be.

FlyerTutor is a great resource for those wishing to learn Graphic Design. I saw a need for a site like this back when I worked as a Computer Instructor for a Recreation Center. Often I would have to redesign printed material without the right software. In some instances this transition was easy and in others, a bit more difficult.

I realized that Flyers created with Adobe Illustrator could be replicated in programs like Microsoft Word and OpenOffice Draw, even if there were slight changes. So the concept for FlyerTutor was born and a few years later I started writing content for the website.

I would love to connect with you through social media. You can Like the FlyerTutor Fan Page on Facebook, follow on Google+, Pinterest, and Twitter, and also subscribe to my YouTube Channel. There you can send me your thoughts, questions and comments. You can also follow FlyerTutor to see when new content is posted.

The Free Flyer Tutorials provide Step by Step Illustrated Instruction, making those new to Graphic Design look like they have been at it for years.

Along with these Free Flyer Tutorials, there are Free Flyer Templates, for everything from Sports Flyers and Birthday Flyers, to Fashion Flyers, and Florist Flyers. There are currently over 60 Free Templates for Flyers available for immdediate download.

Be sure to check out the FlyerTutor Blog which provides answers to frequently asked questions from users, including Transparent Backgrounds in Gimp, where you can go to Download Fonts, find Free Open Source Software, Free Vector Graphics and Free Clip Art Images, and Free Stock Images.