Inkscape Bridal Boutique Flyer Tutorial

This Inkscape tutorial gives you the illustrated step by step instructions to create a Bridal Pageant Boutique Flyer using the Open Source Vector Graphics Editor - Inkscape.

Inkscape Bridal Pageant Boutique Flyer
Inkscape Bridal Pageant Boutique Flyer

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01: Document Setup
02: The Oval Tool
03: Draw Oval
04: Adjust The Oval
05: Oval Fill and Stroke
06: Set No Stroke
07: Gradient Filled Oval
08: Add An Image
09: Add Text
10: Text Properties
11: Add More Text
12: The Bezier Tool
13: The Path Tool
14: Text on Path
15: Downward Curved Text
16: Format Text
17: Upward Curved Text
18: Set No Stroke
19: The Gradient Tool
20: Change Gradient Colors
21: Filter Effects
22: Rename Filter
23: Add Effects
24: Gaussian Blur Connection
25: Offset Connection
26: Merge Connection
27: Gaussian Blur - S D
28: Offset - Delta X and Y
29: Apply Drop Shadow
30: Save File

Step 01: Document Setup

Inkscape Menu Bar
Inkscape Menu Bar
Upon opening Inkscape, locate the Menu Bar.

Inkscape File Menu - Document Properties
Inkscape File Menu - Document Properties
Select File > Document Properties.

Inkscape Document Properties Window
Inkscape Document Properties Window
This will open up the Document Properties Window.

You will notice tabs for Page, Guides, Grids, Snap, Color Management, and Scripting.

On the Page Tab where the Default Units is set to px, select the Down Arrow and choose in for Inches from the drop down window.

In the Page Size section select US Letter for
8.5" x 11".

Orientation will be set to Portrait by Default.

To close the window, simply click on the x in the upper right hand corner. Now you can move on to creating your document.

Step 02: The Oval Tool

Next we will create a Gradient Filled Oval.

Select the Oval Tool
Inkscape Oval Tool
Oval Tool
on the Tool Bar.
Inkscape Toolbar
Inkscape Toolbar

Inkscape Color Palette
Inkscape Color Palette
Before drawing your Oval, go down to the Color Palette and hold the mouse over the color "Black".

Inkscape Set Fill or Stroke
Inkscape Set
Fill or Stroke
Right click and select Set Stroke. This will set the Stroke of the Oval to "Black" so that the shape remains visible on the page.

If you wanted to change the Stroke to "Red", you would just do the same steps over that color instead.

Step 03: Draw Oval

Now hold down the left mouse button and drag your cursor over the page to create a Large Oval.
Inkscape Draw Oval
Inkscape Draw Oval
You will notice there are "2 Small Squares" and "1 Small Circle" on the Stroke of the Oval.

The "Square" on the top will adjust the "Height" of the Oval.
The "Square" on the left will adjust the "Width" of the Oval.
The "Small Circle" will adjust the position of the End Point on the Oval.

Use the "2 Squares" to adjust the Size of the Oval until it almost fills the page. Move the mouse over each "Square", hold down the left mouse button and drag.

Step 04: Adjust The Oval

Inkscape Select Tool
Select Tool
Next, using the Select Tool, click on the Oval.

8 Black Arrows will appear around the Oval. Moving any of these arrows will also allow you to resize the shape.

You can move the Oval when you move the mouse over it while it is selected and the cursor turns into a 4 Sided Arrow.

Step 05: Oval Fill and Stroke

Inkscape Color Options Menu
Inkscape Color Options Menu
Next go down to the right side of the Color Palette and click on the Arrow.
Inkscape Arrow

This will bring up the menu that changes the way colors are displayed. In this case, select Gold.

Inkscape Gold Color Palette
Inkscape Gold Color Palette

Now on your new Color Palette pick one of the "Dark Gold" colors, right click over it and select Set Fill.

This will give you a Gold Oval.

Inkscape Gold Oval
Inkscape Gold Oval
You can then move the mouse over the White color on the Color Palette, right click and select Set Stroke.

This will change the Stroke to White or you can do the following instead.

Step 06: Set No Stroke

Inkscape Fill & Stroke
Inkscape Fill & Stroke
Double click on the Fill and Stroke area at the bottom left of the screen.

Inkscape Fill & Stroke Window
Inkscape Fill & Stroke Window
This will bring up the Fill and Stroke Window.

No Stroke
On the Stroke Paint Tab, click on the X Icon.

This means No Stroke.

Step 07: Gradient Filled Oval

Use the Select Tool
Inkscape Select Tool
from the Tool Box to select the Oval.

Then click on the Gradient Tool
Inkscape Gradient Tool
to give the Oval a Gradient Fill. Move the Gradient Tool to the base of the Oval.

Hold down the left mouse button and drag the tool up the middle of the Oval up to about 3/4 of the way. Release the mouse.

Inkscape Gradient Filled Oval
Inkscape Gradient Filled Oval
Your Gradient Filled Oval should look like this.

Step 09: Add Text

Select the Text Tool
Inkscape Text Tool
Text Tool
on the Tool Box. Then click anywhere on the canvas to start typing. Type the desired block of Text, in this case "3425 Marry Way, Bliss, NC 23415 Tel. 567-487-4748 Fax 567-832-4643".
Inkscape Typed Text
Inkscape Typed Text

When typed without any modifications it should look like this:

Step 10: Text Properties

On the Command Bar, select the Text Properties Icon
Inkscape Text Icon
Text Icon
. This will open the Text and Font Window. Here you can change the Font Family, Style, Size, Layout and Line Spacing. You will also be able to see a Preview of your modifications.

Inkscape Text & Font Window
Inkscape Text & Font Window

In this case the Font Family is "AC" which is a free Font that was downloaded at
Style is Normal. Size is "22". Layout is Center. Click Apply. Click Close.
Inkscape Modified Text
Inkscape Modified Text

The modified text appears as follows:

Step 11: Add More Text

Inkscape Image & Text
Inkscape Image & Text
You can then go on to create all other blocks of Text and place them on the document in their preferred places.

The result should be: